Startup: Tank Beetle


The ultimate hipster vehicle: retro, tacky, and awesome.


Startup: Metashop


Like they say on Top Gear “ambitious, but rubbish.” A Denver boot on a tank is likely about as effective as throwing a bottle of Perrier on the sun. Also, not much fun for the asphalt.

Now before you start screaming “Photoshop” at the top of your lungs, it’s worse than you think. The […]


Startup: The New World Odor

How hard would it have been to put a little pentacle there in place of the Iron Cross? Then we could have patriotically called them Sherman slippers. But no, those are quite clearly Panzer slippers. Together with a nasty case of athlete’s foot and a rampant Roomba, this guy could have his own […]


Startup: Recoil

A “Howitzer” is a mid-sized artillery  piece that fills that gap between “mortar” and “gun”. This US M777 apparently did not find stable footing in what appears to be Afghanistan’s rocky terrain. Great timing by the photographer, not a good choice of place to stand by the Marine.


Real Life Heroes

A very special thanks…

The USS Midway, at the end of her long career.

Wednesday afternoon, June 20 1990 started out much like any other day. By the time it ended… everything would be very, very different.

(Author’s note: Please indulge me on this Veteran’s Day, while I tell a story of heroism, one very close to my heart. I apologize in advance for any errors, omissions or typos)

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User Input

User Input: No, It’s Not Actually Tiger’s Blood

My brother-in-law stopped by the other day while taking his spawn for a bike ride, and needed to fix a squeaky wheel. He burst in the door and asked me for “weasel piss” and I didn’t even bat an eye. I went straight to to cupboard and produced a spray can of WD-40.

We’ve […]

Airborne Awesomosity, Military-Grade Awesome, Old School Gaming

Honest, Sergeant — It’s OPFOR Training!

If you actually want to read the names and specs, click for a hi-res image.

Being one of the nerdier, more bookish and generally less useful guys in my Army unit, I was assigned to be a member of my battalion’s OPFOR Recognition Team. About once every month or two, I’d be sent to a training room somewhere on post to spend a half-hour or so looking at fuzzy pictures of armor and airplanes, flashed onto a screen from a carousel slide projector. For each one, I’d hurriedly scribble down its model number or NATO code-name, and the country of origin. It wasn’t terribly exciting competition, but it got me out of the hanger for a few hours, and we won a lot, which made my superiors happy. To help me learn all those vehicular data points, I was given two sets of playing cards Graphic Training Aids, one featuring armored vehicles, the other aircraft.
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