Startup: Everything The 60’s Wasn’t


Is that the sound of lovemaking I hear? No, it’s just some hippie spinning in their grave.


Startup: Seriously Riveted


In case of zombie attack… maybe find something less rusty.


Startup: Inspired By Nature

Above: Possibly a Black Falcon (Falco Subniger), possibly something else someone who knows more about birds could tell me.

Below: Possibly a B-2 Bomber (Northrop Grumman Spirit), definitely not a Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk.



Startup: Job Application

This is an actual screen shot from the Australian Air Force’s web site.

Post answers in the comments below and maybe we can all join together!



Startup: Rubber Band Mini Gun

Your coworkers will never see it coming. Especially when you take out their eyes.

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Startup: M113 Bar Counter

All you need is a spare M113 and an angle grinder. And paint. And wood. And a beer tap. Don’t forget to put the tread back on or it just doesn’t look as cool.



Startup: Killin’ & Grillin’

The BBQ is an icon of game day parties and backyard shenanigans. Fewer are more hardcore than this grill made from the engine of a German Leopard 1 tank.


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Startup: Fire Suppression Air Force Syle

The Air Force doesn’t screw around. OK, well sure most of the time it’s all Top Gun moments and officers screaming “Maverick!”, but they don’t like it when their stuff catches fire. To make sure that doesn’t happen, fires in hangars are quickly extinguished with foam dispensed from vents […]


Startup: Zombie Preparedness

Oh, you say there’s an apocalypse coming? No worries, I got this.

AT Hall of Fame

Now That’s Incredible

Last week we celebrated US Naval Aviation’s 100th birthday, and Monday we featured a neat pic of the ex-USS Enterprise (CV-6) steaming into 1945 New York City after WWII.

Today thanks to a tip by Toasters & Hooniverse regular commenter Justin Eddings, we offer an entirely new twist on the theme.

Behold this mind-bogglingly awesome 1/72 scale replica of the current USS Enterprise, CVN-65.

Scratch built by madman Gabriel Suranyi, this work of art stands 16 feet long, 5 feet wide and 4 feet tall and represents 19 YEARS (as of 2007) of his hard work. It is so exact in fact, that a flat-top sailor would instantly recognize any of the close-up photos. Indeed, the replica represents the USS Enterprise along with the embarked Air-Wing 11 during the ships’ actual 1989 cruise. Continue reading Now That’s Incredible