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The New Console Wars

Last week, Sony introduced their new Playstation 4. Today, Microsoft’s Xbox One went on sale. Considering it’s been 7 years since the PS3 and 8 years since the Xbox 360 came out, the gaming community has had lots of pent up foaming-at-the-mouth excitement. Frankly, I’m disappointed. Sony and Microsoft should have released on […]

User Input

User Input: Rivalry Prediction

“You think you can stare down Elmo? Elmo doesn’t even have eyelids, so bring it on.”

For some strange reason, the realm of technology is absolutely replete with rivalries. Apple vs. Microsoft; Google vs. Yahoo; Microsoft vs. Sony; Apple vs. Google; Blackberry vs. Irrelevance. Perhaps it’s the passive nature of the nerds behind-the-scenes; […]

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User Input: Symbols of Staying Power

I was driving an Escalade for much of yesterday. They’re decent enough vehicles, if not exactly exciting. Nice to drive, comfortable, just all-around decent. But one thing bothered me, and I just couldn’t get past it. On the dash, on the passenger side, is the exact same “Cadillac” logo that you would have […]

A-T Technology Death Pool

MSN Direct: And Now The Oddities


We all need to know the weather when we are making coffee

Oh Look At Those Temperatures Maybe I should Make It Stronger

[image engadget.com]


Sure getting stock information and Outlook calendar events on your watch are cool but what can you really do with this technology.  Time for the also ran’s.


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A-T Technology Death Pool

MSN Direct: Hey Watch This


No really we look cool like this

Microsoft Shows Off The SPOT Watch

[image credit – engadget.com]

It took the technology world seventy years to almost make the Dick Tracy’s TV watch a reality. Other then it wasn’t possible to transmit or receive video and it didn’t have the cool antennae it really was close to the real thing. Still the things it could do seemed like the future was here in 2004.



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A-T Technology Death Pool

MSN Direct Marks The SPOT

Just think this resolution used to be high tech

It’s Going To Be A Cold Memorial Day Apparently

[image from Wikipedia.org]


In our world technology moves very quickly. It doesn’t take to long for a good idea to come and go in the blink of an eye. That item then looks  horribly out of date in less then a decade from release.The future according to Bill Gates wasn’t on a phone or on your computer. It was going to be sent to you over the air.



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User Input: Standing Outside the Herd

Apparently XBox fanbois are called "X-Bots". More importantly, there are actually XBox fanbois? Really? Why?

Here’s the thing: virtually everyone I know has an XBox 360. They play these games on them, and apparently have lots and lots of fun. Yet every time I’ve visited, they’re not having fun and playing games, they’re […]


Startup: On Keeping Up With Standards

OK, ragging on IE is almost becoming a cliché, but as a hobbyist/emergency web developer, this kind of thing drives me all kinds of crazy. I wish I knew who actually took this photo and if they could tell me who’s presentation this was, because for those who know anything about W3C, standards, and […]

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User Input: Conspiracy!

"T'Pol and Archer? Impossible!"

I was struggling last night to do some simple account maintenance on Facebook. I even — horror of horrors — resorted to asking the “Help” files for assistance, which is, as we know, usually about as productive as bashing your head against the keyboard. Sure enough, it proved to […]


Startup: Mythtical Monday – RAM Edition

Every couple of months, I get the same email sent to me. It’s a collection of bad predictions and stupid quotes. Things like the university professor for business giving a C+ to an idea for an overnight delivery service to the guy to went on to start FedEx. But there’s one on there that […]