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User Input: Professional Shearing

Tell me you wouldn’t go there.

I’ve spoken before about my love for a straight-razor shave. It’s getting to be that time of year again — I try and get one twice a year — and I’m looking forward to it, probably more than I should be. Since I talked about it before, […]


Startup: A Worthwhile Anachronism

A half-hour of your life you will never regret.

One indulgence I cannot help but partake in whenever I get the opportunity is that of a straight-razor shave at a barber shop. Or, better still, the “hot lather” variation on the same theme. For anyone who has never partaken of this tradition, I strongly suggest that you do so at your earliest opportunity. I’d wait while you went and did so now, but it is a dying tradition, and one of which it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a practitioner.

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