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Startdown: Vacation Time

Long weekend a little rough? Feeling down this Monday? Why not plan a nice getaway, and travel by air! (Circa 1920s).

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Nerd Artists

A New Map Of The Internet

We like maps here at Atomic Toasters, in case you haven’t noticed. We’ve featured maps of the internet before, which tend to focus on usage or download speeds. However, a couple artists have created a map of the “places” in the internet. Click on the lede photo for an uber-biggened version.

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Shutdown: Around the World in 1800 Days

 Who wants to take a little trip?


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Startup: A Really Helpful Map

If you’re doing an Engrish translation, make sure you hire someone who isn’t some zen hippie. “Yeah man, it’s like, we’re all connected, like, and we’re all, like, everywhere at once.”


Startup: The Abject Failure of Technology

I think we've all seen these directions before...

As Sparky pointed out a few days ago, I was off to the realm of no wireless technology for this past weekend. It was an interesting adventure in technology deprivation, but we thought it might also present a unique opportunity to test the merits of new tech vs. old tech.

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The Style of Technology

Mapping the Internet

Maps are useful things. They show us how to get from Point A to Point B on roads, rail and subways. They show us that Edmonton really is not the center of the universe. They can even tell us where to lay our telegraph cable.

IP Density in the World

Information in […]