Everybody Poops


Have you ever thought about what sort of silly things you say might get picked up if you had a microphone on all day long? When we think of the Apollo missions, we usually think of some of the more dramatic moments–first human view of the dark side of the Moon, first steps onto the lunar surface, first tense moments on board Apollo 13–but thanks to the always thorough NASA, we can relive some of the more mundane, and dare I say humorous, snippets of life in space.

The transcript excerpts you see here are all from Apollo 10. On May 18, 1968, Commander Tom Stafford, CM pilot John Young, and LM pilot Gene Cernan launched on a Saturn V for what was essentially a dry run for the Moon landing, including a test of the Lunar Module in orbit around the Moon. (Check out Vintage Space for more detail on the Apollo 10 mission.) Clearly, these gentlemen enjoyed their trip.

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