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Ridin’ the Rails

When your country spans an entire continent, as does the US and Canada, rail travel is destined to play a major role in its development and growth. Until the mid-1800s, traveling west was a long term and risky proposal. With the intercontinental railroad and advances in steam locomotives the prospect of going west became less and less daunting. Soon, the entire continent was accessible by rail and car. The jet age seemed to be the death knell of rail travel, and it very nearly has been. However, Amtrak and Via Rail both still offer rail service that is at once modern and classic.

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As good a motto as any

For those of us here in North America — and possibly some other parts of the world as well, but I’m too lazy to look — this past weekend was Labour Day. This is, of course, the weekend where we all travel vast distances to exotic and […]