Startup: Follow the Camel

The Sopwith Camel was one of the most successful aircraft of the First World War. It racked up more kills than any other Allied craft, and took the lead by being simple, reliable and efficient. But in a way, it was also responsible for the Space Shuttle program.

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Startup: What Could Be More Awesome Than Flame Shockwaves?

The Pratt & Whitney J58 showing off its shock-waves.

For those of you unfamiliar, please meet the astonishing Pratt & Whitney J58, which may be the most convincing argument in favour of hybrid technology I’ve ever heard. Oh sure, it’s not a hybrid in the boring sense of a Toyota Prius, but strap […]

Military-Grade Awesome

Multiple Kill Vehicle

The Multiple Kill Vehicle, or MKV, was part of Lockheed Martin’s approach to a missile defense system. It would launch and deploy several kill vehicles to take out an enemy ICBM. Basically, it’s like trying to shoot a bullet to take out another bullet. In this case, with a rocket propelled six-shooter.

[youtube][/youtube] […]