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The truth is out there!

Image from moelane, via laughingsquid.


Startup: Fraud of the Orient

Yesterday I received a personalized piece of junkmail to my AtomicToasters address from a huckster using the moniker “Jimmy” who was selling this lovely piece of junk: a mini “HD” DVR. As long as we’re making up names, I’ll refer to him and Xiang-Wei and his little box as a Filthy Lie™. You see, […]


Startup: A Star is Revealed

After an irresponsible cartoon plumber swinging a hammer caused the collapse of the neighboring building, this scene was revealed. A passing Shigeru Miyamoto spotted it and was inspired to start an entire franchise for Nintendo.

(The preceding tale is a fib, but it’s short.)


User Input

User Input: The Paperless Myth

"Hey, do you have that USB stick I gave you?"

Hey, remember years ago, when someone who wrote for a newspaper discovered this remarkable thing called “email”, and much to the annoyance of his supervisor, decided to get all of his correspondence in email, rather than on the phone or through typed-out memos? […]

User Input

User Input: Believable Excuses

While computer technology continues to improve, and the levels of reliability we now experience on a plain old desktop home PC are lightyears beyond anything we could have even hoped to achieve only twenty years ago, somehow, mysteriously, the frequency with which computers are blamed for problems, errors, misunderstandings and missed deadlines has […]