Startup: Fixed It For Ya

So the answer to the question is: no, there is nothing you can’t do with Lego. Next week we’ll show you how to get the SpaceX Falcon rocket into orbit on the first attempt using only Lego.



Put Your Toys Away Or They’ll Catch Fire

That is JAXA astronaut Satoshi Furukawa standing in the International Space Station with a Lego model of the International Space Station. Hipster mind asplode.
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The First Canadian In Space?

The Soviets had Yuri Gagarin. The US had Alan Shepard. But what does Canada have? Nickelback?
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Atomic Awesome, Startup

Startup: Lego Has Never Been Cooler

Almost 40 years after NASA retired the Saturn V launch vehicle, they still remain one of the coolest, huge, most awesome vehicles man has ever built. Also, Lego will always be awesome. So you can’t go wrong when you put them together! Ryan McNaught built a Lego version of the Saturn V with launch […]


Startup: The Ability To Create a Star Destroyer is Insignificant Compared to the Power of a Fanboy’s Dedication

In 2005, for Star Wars Celebration 3, Lego Master Builder and model designer Eric Varszegi created a scale model of an Old Republic Venator class Star Destoryer. The picture above is not that model. Nevermind the detail, the scale, the time, effort, or the sheer number of bricks. No, what makes this model special is that it is a fan create copy of Erik’s model. Created by Sylvain Ballivet, this copy used 43,000 pieces and comes in at 2.44m (8′) long and 82kg (160 lbs). Hit the jump for a YouTube flyby of the model with a link to more pictures on Sylvain’s blog. It’s worth noting that the original model used 100% stock parts, no custom cast bits.

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Indy Car in Lego

This year marked the 100th anniversary of the first running of the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race (not the 100th running, that’s still a few years away). If you’re a motorsports fanatic, that great race every Memorial Day weekend is one of the highlights of your year. If you’re a geek, Lego are the […]

Free Range Technology


Lego. Just the mere mention of the word makes geek hearts skip a beat. Imagine the possibilities!

Some people do imagine the possibilities then make them reality. Like, for example, Malle Hawking. He built the above aircraft carrier (the USS Harry S. Truman), complete with crew and plane using 300,000 of the […]


Startup: No Bad Motivators Here!

Straight out of the movie...

Yes, yes, we’re sure you’ve all heard about the tremendously impressive LEGO Unimog that has been released by LEGO and Mercedes-Benz to celebrate the Unimog’s 60th Anniversary. It’s pretty cool and all, but this one really made our jaws hit the floor.

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Startup: And What Have You Accomplished Today?

A computer. Made of Lego. And you were proud of your little "house".

On yesterday’s date, in 1902, Greek divers recovered the Antikythera Mechanism, the world’s oldest known analog computer. We’ve touched on this amazing discovery before, but we hadn’t seen the recent extension of the research that we stumbled upon yesterday.

Andrew Carol, who is a mild-mannered Apple software engineer by day, Lego-engineering superhero by night, has taken the concept of playing with toys to an entirely new level.

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Startup: When Old Meets New

Image courtesy of Legohaulic.

Lego has been around for decades now; Portal 2, on the other hand is brand new. What happens when an enthusiastic fan’s two worlds collide? Why, he starts building Lego tributes, of course.

Courtesy of a tip from our own msz comes this impressive tribute to the two robots […]