Big Complicated Machines

5 Minutes Of Lego-Powered Awesome

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A loom, wheel chair, Rubik’s Cube solver, clock, pinball, and more!


Life Sized Lego Car Powered By Air

lego-carIt’s Extactly What It Says On The Box. A car made of Lego, big enough to carry a human, and uses compressed air to provide the motor force. Video after the jump.

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Startup: High Performance Accessories

Nailed it!


Genius Innovators

Moving Balls


How do you move a bunch of plastic balls from one place to another? Build a 17-module LEGO Great Ball Contraption, of course! Hit the jump for the mesmerizing video.

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Geeky Architecture

Lego Skyscrapers

Lego Skyscrapers

What happens when an architect rediscovers his childhood passion for Legos? Some of the world’s most iconic skyscrapers (and other structures) are built to scale with the magical interlocking blocks.

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Startup: For A Good Time Call


It’s official: the good people at Lego have the coolest business cards. Like we needed to be reminded that Lego is awesome.

Genius Innovators

The LEGO Story

In 1932, Ole Kirk Christiansen, a Danish carpenter, began making wooden toys in his home workshop. A few years later he started a company called Lego, which was derived from the Danish words leg godt or “play well”. Over time, LEGO improved their product and went from wood to plastic in 1949, but it remained a regional phenomenon. Then, in 1954, Christiansen’s son Godtfred had a conversation with an overseas buyer interested in the interlocking bricks. He saw potential in them as a toy to encourage creativity. However, the bricks were not as user friendly as they could be. In 1958, LEGO came out with a new design that was only held up by the search for a suitable material. ABS plastic was chosen, and the LEGO block we know today was born. In fact, today’s blocks will still work with blocks from 1958.

Hit the jump for a video about Lego. It’s only 17 minutes. You need a break anyway.
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Airborne Awesomosity

Rolls-Royce Trent 1000: British Humour & Lego Awesome

Rolls-Royce and GE are the two suppliers of engines for Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner. For the new jet, Rolls-Royce built a new engine in their Trent engine family. The Trent 1000 can provide between 53,000 lb. and 75,000 lb. of thrust depending on the variant and application. It’s an impressive engine.

It also has a bit of a humourous side. You see, the crazy Brits at Rolls purposely scheduled FAA and EASA certification on August 7, 2007. No big deal, right? Except, in Europe they write dates with the day first. Now do you get the joke?

If not, you can still enjoy the Lego awesomeness after the jump.
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Atomic Awesome

Lego Cummins Engine

Reader chrystlubitshi sent in a tip that had to be run immediately within days of its arrival. Above is a Cummins QSK95 engine. Made of Lego. It was built last weekend at Brickworld in Chicago by a Cummins Brickworld Build Team, which includes Cummins engineers as well as students and teachers.

Not only […]


Startup: Escher in Sci-Fi, What’s Not To Love?

Star Wars Escher in Lego is cool all by itself, but this diorama encapsulates the original trilogy at the same time. Starting in the top-left you have the sands of Tatooine, to the right is the grey platforms of the Death Star, below is the gloom of Jaba’s Palace, to the left of that […]