Startup: When Nerds Get Married II

And yet, a part of me  is having trouble getting over the idea of a storm trooper marrying a rebel pilot.

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Startup: Feed Your Ego

Building large things out of Lego and making yourself a god among men? Automatic Atomic Toasters Seal of Approval™. Granted, it’s the Legoland theme part, and not a personal construction, but kudos for just jumping in the water like a boss.


Startup: Bring Your Own Cup

I used to wonder exactly why 7-Eleven does “bring your own cup” day. Yes, marketing, but why that exactly. Now I know. Entertainment.

Atomic Awesome

Lego Cummins Engine

Reader chrystlubitshi sent in a tip that had to be run immediately within days of its arrival. Above is a Cummins QSK95 engine. Made of Lego. It was built last weekend at Brickworld in Chicago by a Cummins Brickworld Build Team, which includes Cummins engineers as well as students and teachers.

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Startup: Escher in Sci-Fi, What’s Not To Love?

Star Wars Escher in Lego is cool all by itself, but this diorama encapsulates the original trilogy at the same time. Starting in the top-left you have the sands of Tatooine, to the right is the grey platforms of the Death Star, below is the gloom of Jaba’s Palace, to the left of that […]


Startup: Fixed It For Ya

So the answer to the question is: no, there is nothing you can’t do with Lego. Next week we’ll show you how to get the SpaceX Falcon rocket into orbit on the first attempt using only Lego.


Military-Grade Awesome

Armed and Dangerous


Yesterday we took a look at the wonders of product melding, and how using the magic of 3-D printing you can combine all the different building toys that you own into one giant project. But suppose you find yourself at the other end of the spectrum, looking haughtily down your nose at ‘inferior’ products? You proudly sport the Lego® logo on your car, and smugly assure yourself nothing builds like a Lego.

There remains, however, the question on the zombie apocalypse, and how to arm your little friends against the aggressions of those brainless beings. has got you covered!

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Free Range Technology

One Piece at a Time


Were you ever the kid that stuck the Tinkertoy sticks into the bottom of your Lego blocks, and made tiny hammers to bang around the house with? Looking back, if only there had been some way to channel that energy creatively, to build astounding creations out of all of the building systems you owned, why then you could have been an astronaut been an engineer gotten a job and moved out of the basement. Well, have no fear for your children and the future they face in the harsh cold reality of the world! Some fine freedom loving folks over at F.A.T. Lab and Sy-Lab have combined their forces for the good of mankind, and come up with the Free Universal Construction Kit--“a matrix of nearly 80 adapter bricks that enable complete interoperability between popular children’s construction toys”.

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Atomic Awesome, Startup

Startup: Lego Has Never Been Cooler

Almost 40 years after NASA retired the Saturn V launch vehicle, they still remain one of the coolest, huge, most awesome vehicles man has ever built. Also, Lego will always be awesome. So you can’t go wrong when you put them together! Ryan McNaught built a Lego version of the Saturn V with launch […]


Startup: The Ability To Create a Star Destroyer is Insignificant Compared to the Power of a Fanboy’s Dedication

In 2005, for Star Wars Celebration 3, Lego Master Builder and model designer Eric Varszegi created a scale model of an Old Republic Venator class Star Destoryer. The picture above is not that model. Nevermind the detail, the scale, the time, effort, or the sheer number of bricks. No, what makes this model special is that it is a fan create copy of Erik’s model. Created by Sylvain Ballivet, this copy used 43,000 pieces and comes in at 2.44m (8′) long and 82kg (160 lbs). Hit the jump for a YouTube flyby of the model with a link to more pictures on Sylvain’s blog. It’s worth noting that the original model used 100% stock parts, no custom cast bits.

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