Big Complicated Machines

5 Minutes Of Lego-Powered Awesome

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A loom, wheel chair, Rubik’s Cube solver, clock, pinball, and more!


Life Sized Lego Car Powered By Air

lego-carIt’s Extactly What It Says On The Box. A car made of Lego, big enough to carry a human, and uses compressed air to provide the motor force. Video after the jump.

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User Input

User Input: Making My Efforts Seem Worthless


This is a Rubik’s Cube solver, known as the CubeStormer II, made entirely out of Lego, and powered by a smartphone.

Lego has been around for a long time, and as a result, there have been many opportunities for clever minds to find ways to make remarkable things using nothing more than little plastic blocks that hurt when you step on them in the middle of the night. I once made a car out of Lego. It was pretty crap, but it’s the best I’ve ever managed. I suppose there were  a few things out of Lego Techniks, but that was just following all the directions to the letter, and still largely getting it wrong. Hit the jump to see more of this thing in action.

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Startup: High Performance Accessories

Nailed it!



Startup: Lifesize Lego X-Wing

Title pretty much says it all.


Genius Innovators

Moving Balls


How do you move a bunch of plastic balls from one place to another? Build a 17-module LEGO Great Ball Contraption, of course! Hit the jump for the mesmerizing video.

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Geeky Architecture

Lego Skyscrapers

Lego Skyscrapers

What happens when an architect rediscovers his childhood passion for Legos? Some of the world’s most iconic skyscrapers (and other structures) are built to scale with the magical interlocking blocks.

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Startup: For A Good Time Call


It’s official: the good people at Lego have the coolest business cards. Like we needed to be reminded that Lego is awesome.


Startup: Bricking Bad

If you haven’t been watching Breaking Bad, what’s the matter with you? You’ve still got time. The second part of the fifth and final season starts this July. If you have been watching it, enjoy this gallery of some nerd’s creation of the laundromat meth lab in GLORIOUS LEGO!

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Startup: Generation Gap

I grew up with the video game revolution, and the personal computer revolution. I’m not one of those cantankerous old farts who yells at the sun (much) and shuns new gizmos as a pox on our society. There are moments that give me pause. I’m not saying that modern distractions for kids are […]