Startup: Fitting In

“In my day we didn’t have laptops and smarty phones. You read a newspaper and ignored your kids like a normal person!”

Well played, cranky old man. Well played indeed.

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User Input: CPU Face-Off

When laptop computers first started to emerge while I was in elementary school, they were quite roundly mocked as a pointless extravagance that cost far, far too much money for the limited extra functionality they gave you over, say, a calculator, or a pencil. They were large, heavy, awkward to use and inconvenient, […]

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User Input: Shiny New Toys

Shiny New Toys


A few days ago TechieInHell ran a post about newer consumer products with built-in and non-accessible batteries, which got me thinking about waste and planned obsolescence. It seems no sooner do you buy something than it becomes “no longer supported” and replaced by an even newer version. It’s enough to drive you mad.

“That phone is old…” said the girl at the wireless store, a few years ago when I went in for an extended battery.

“I JUST bought it!” I replied, miffed.

“Yeah, but we don’t even support Q’s anymore… you might try the internet”

Now, some of us love to have the latest and greatest in gadget technology, while others prefer to wait and purchase higher quality “keeper” items they plan to use and keep around for a good long-long time.

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Startup: Ahead Of Its Time

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Back in 1979, a man named Bill Moggridge designed what is arguably the grand-pappy of all our modern laptops, the GRiD Compass. It featured a clamshell design, with a tiny LCD screen that folded flat to cover the keyboard.

The GRiD Compass in its "closed" position.

Sure, it […]

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User Input: When In Roam

No, that title is not a typo, it’s a pun. (Admittedly, a bad one, as all puns are.) Some 15 or 20 years-ish ago, PBS ran a program examining the use of technology in the workplace and extolled the marvels of an emerging trend called “telecommuting”. It was becoming so big in Japan, that […]

Free Range Technology

The Magical World of Portable Computing!


In today’s hyper-portable world, we’re used to having all our technology at our fingertips. In some senses, we’ve become like the royalty of ages past. We demand everything, with little effort on our part. Our technology must be portable, it must be powerful, it must be efficient, it must be stylish, and it must not be obtrusive.

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