Neutrinos with Syrup, Nibblers

TechSpeak: Sound impressive saying ordinary things.

When my older sister was in medical school, she taught me “MedSpeak,” which is supposedly a way to instantly sound like a doctor. I prefer to call it TechSpeak, because you can use the same technique to sound an expert about any subject, without knowing anything special about it. Okay, so it really isn’t […]


Startup: Prisecolinensinenciousol

One of the defining characteristics of geek culture is the constant thirst for knowledge. What makes it truly geeky is that the questions and answers, while intriguing, aren’t necessarily useful. As some point, any one of us has babbled in phonemes that sound like Chinese, French, Russian, Italian, or any number of another […]

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A few weeks ago one of our readers made an off-hand comment about language being technology and I’ve been thinking about that periodically since then. This is a level of discourse that I can get behind because I’m frankly not much of a techie. I tend to buy an electronic device, take it home, […]

User Input

User Input: Shakespeare We Are Not

OK kids, the party is over. You had your fun, now go to bed. Maybe I’m just getting old and cantankerous, and maybe I should be more understanding the way I thought adults should be when I was a kid, but this IM / texting cellphone madness has got to stop before Dax Shepard becomes a lawyer.

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