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When One Mustang Isn’t Enough: The F-82 Twin Mustang

F-82 Twin Mustang


During the early days of the Cold War the need for very long range fighters was identified. The bombers of the day, like the B-36 Peacemaker, were being capable of flights of several thousand miles and protection was needed. During the Second World War the premier long range fighter escort […]

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Another Kind of Cold War

"Permission to break out the Bieber, sir?" "Negative, Lieutenant, you are not to utilize the Bieber except in a time of war."

We here in The West tend to think of the Cold War as being long over, but in absolute truth, it’s not completely over. Sure, the whole United States vs. Soviet Union […]

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A few weeks ago one of our readers made an off-hand comment about language being technology and I’ve been thinking about that periodically since then. This is a level of discourse that I can get behind because I’m frankly not much of a techie. I tend to buy an electronic device, take it home, set […]