A-T Technology Death Pool

Atomic Toasters Technology Death Pool Mid-Year Update

Research in Motion. Kodak. Lightsquared. They are in the Death Pool…and they may be fulfilling a prophecy.

All three of these companies…and their associated technologies…are hanging by a thread. RIM announced a huge loss and many analysts are saying they won’t make it out of this year without collapsing. Kodak, after 123 years in business, filed for bankruptcy protection and is exiting the digital camera and film markets and focusing on digital imaging. Lightsquared, called out by reader Alff, is in bankruptcy. While bankruptcy doesn’t necessarily mean the end of a company, it’s not a good sign.

So what of the technology each of these companies represents?
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Shutdown: Sex Sells

Even in 1912 sex sold. OK, maybe that’s not what Kodak meant with their “Get Action” tag line.

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