Airborne Awesomosity

Longer Than The Wright Brothers

A new world record has been set. Not for altitude. Not for the longest fingernails. Not for the most trivial knowledge of dead technology. No. This new record is 226 feet 10 inches and is the longest paper airplane flight. Hit the jump for the video.
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User Input

User Input: Parental Technology

My parents have actually made remarkable progress in the last few years with regards to technology. It’s surprised me quite a bit when I’ve had a few conversations with my mother especially, hearing her talking about installing software, syncing wirelessly, video-chatting.

It’s kind of frightening, in a way. There was a time, years […]


Startup: We’re All Connected Edition

Image courtesy of Chloé Flickr's Flickr feed. What are the odds she'd have the same last name? Wow.

My mother used to work as a telephone operator, back when she was saving to go to university. She said that most of her time on shift was just spent listening in on random conversations […]