Playing With Junk – Building a 4 Cylinder Brigs & Stratton



Here’s a fun project I’ve been following for a while, hoping that they pull it off. These dudes are taking four old Briggs & Stratton engines and making an inline 4 out of them.

I’ve seen other similar builds where they take 4 separate engines and bolt them all together, but […]


Startup: Distant Origin

“For heaven’s sake Martha, come look at this! It says here this thing was built in Bedford Falls. Well I’ll be!”


Startup: Artwork from Junk

I can't decide if this is risqué or if sometimes a gear is just a gear. Ooh look! A belly-button gear!

There have been a number of artists out there who have done variations on this theme, but when I stumbled across these little tidbits, I wanted to take them all home. They’re all beautifully done, with neat, clean welds holding everything together.

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