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The Last Gasp For Large Piston Engines

Pratt and Whitney R-4360 VDT

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Starting in the mid nineteen forties there was a move to this newfangled jet turbine technology. Still it was mostly untested and the good old internal combustion engine was better known.  Into this small fragment of time was an interesting innovation of Pratt & Whitney’s.

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Flying High on Boys’ Life

The Boy Scouts of America have been around since 1910 and their magazine Boys’ Life has been published since 1911. My brother and I were handed down a decent sized stack of late fifties and early sixties copies of the magazine, and in spite of their giant size I managed to keep them in decent shape and hold on to them all this time.

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Airborne Awesomosity, Shutdown

Shutdown: Opposites Attract

The comment stream for yesterday’s post about the Mini-IMP turned into a discussion about tiny jets. They don’t come any tinier than these: self-launching sailplanes from Desert Aerospace with retractable jet engines.

Installing a jet engine — technology most used on the very fastest of fast planes — as an auxiliary engine on […]