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Point Defense – Mixed Power Done Right

Republic XF-91


The Republic F-84 would see many modifications to its basic airframe. One would lead to the parasite aircraft we looked at before. Another would lead to a propeller plane best known for its ability to make ground crew sick. This time the F-84 would see several unusual modifications made in the name of point defense.


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Airborne Awesomosity

The D-558 Tortoise to the X-1 Hare

This is a Douglas D-558-1 Skystreak. It was built by Douglas Aircraft Company in 1947 for the US Navy Bureau of Aeronautics and the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA). While the Bell X-1 was making all the headlines and being all fast and stuff, the D-558 was slowly making progress giving useful information to researchers.
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The Backup V-Bomber

Britain’s iconic V-bomber triplets – the Victor, Valiant, and Vulcan – were a potent symbol of the Cold War obsession with deterrence, as well as the drive to innovate in the face of potential nuclear annihilation. Two of the three, the Vulcan and Victor, served for several decades and thrilled onlookers everywhere with their […]