Military-Grade Awesome

Simple, Rugged, Versatile

It’s Memorial Day here in the US. A day set aside for us to take a moment between BBQs and games of cornhole to remember those who gave their lives in defense of our nation.

This morning I struggled with an appropriate AT-style tribute. I mean, there’s so much tech that goes into both keeping our fighting men and women safe as well as keeping the tip of the spear sharp. Then it hit me.

The jeep.
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User Input

User Input: Buy Time

Today is my birthday. No, don’t go there… it’s a useless birthday year. There’s no reason to celebrate anything. I’m getting older, balder and more single as the day goes on, so shut-it. The fun part is that my family just gives up on buying me a present and just gives me money […]

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User Input: Bless Your Rusty Metal Heart

You will give your rifle a girl's name!

My car, in accordance with the rules of Top Gear, does not have a name. However, my first car – Baldric – did have one. It was an inanimate object, but when you’re trying to keep a 20 year old Buick Skylark rolling, you often […]