Airborne Awesomosity

Up In Smoke

Necessity is the mother of awesome.

A while back, skitter wrote quite a post on the Boeing B-47 Stratojet. A huge monster of a Cold War bomber. One of the more unusual things about the B-47 was the Air Force’s insistance on trying to improve its take-off performance with JATO. They also had systems on the B-47’s JATO that would inject water into the rocket exhaust to create a sort of “smokescreen” or, more technically, a steamscreen. Hit the jumps for a video of a B-47 taking off with JATO and steamscreen.

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Bizarre Powerplants

JATO: Sometimes You Need More Than She’s Got

Aircraft are designed for a particular takeoff distance based on their planned mission profile. Sometimes, though, you need to get that aircraft into and out of smaller airfields. Getting into them is relatively easy since landing distance is much shorter than the required takeoff distance. Getting out is much harder.
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