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Japan’s Suicidal Rocket Plane


Japan, not wanting to be outdone by their German ally, also wanted in on the rocket plane frenzy. However, due to cultural differences at the time, their rocketplane would be less fighter and more cruise missile…with a pilot.

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Airborne Awesomosity

Mountain Haze

The Japanese strategy in WW2 relied on destroying the US fleet in the Pacific giving them undisputed access to the Pacific islands and, eventually, the US mainland. Unfortunately, they didn’t quite destroy the US fleet on their December 7, 1941 attack. They also didn’t count on American industrial might replenishing the fleet so quickly. So, now the islands they were planning on taking over on their march across the globe wound up staying in US hands or very quickly returning. What do you do? Limited resources meant that a fleet of aircraft carriers weren’t possible. What about small aircraft carriers? What about small aircraft carriers that could hide underwater?

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New Avian Species Discovered in Japan?

No, it doesn't look like this at all. Not even close.

Good morning, everyone.

It’s not very often that a new large winged species of avian or similar creature is discovered these days. Even more rare is the discovery of such a creature in a country like Japan, an island country that has been inhabited for thousands of years. And yet that is what happened a few years back, although you would never know it by all of the headlines that weren’t made in the western media. The unusual creatures were discovered in a rural area of central Japan, and to the shock of the Japanese scientific community, they were also migratory. Why weren’t they discovered before now?

I heard about the discovery in late 2009, and I was able to acquire a short video clip of the creatures in their long-distance migratory flight. I was so taken aback by what I saw in the video that I was sent into paroxysms of…of… paroxysms. I don’t know of a better way to describe it. Anyway, shaken as I was, I handily forget about it, until last night. I was searching for something (I forget what now) on the internet, and I blundered across the video once again. Rather than lose it once more, I decided to share it with you all, and see what reaction it generates in you. It’s called being an experimental animal, so behave and watch the video after the jump and there won’t be a nasty shock and fiery explosion.

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