Airborne Awesomosity

Flight Plan

Photo Mar 07, 10 05 00 AM

We love the SR-71 here at Atomic Toasters Galactic Command. As well we should. It’s damn sexy. Twenty three years ago yesterday, the SR-71 was first retired from the US Air Force, before pulling a Michael Jordan. It had one last record-setting flight.

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Airborne Awesomosity

X-15 Breaking Mach 4


The North American X-15. It makes my heart beat increase to unhealthy levels. Just looking at it causes physiological changes that are generally reserved for my wife or Kaley Cuoco. I shouldn’t keep this to myself. I need to share.

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Moments in History

You Prude!

Not long ago, it was improper to show married couples with a single bed on TV. I’m not sure why this came about, considering even the Puritans liked to get it on, but somewhere somehow it was considered vulgar and improper to imply on the boob tube that married people engaged in coitus.
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Startup: Tiny Motors

This little motor has been the source of both a great deal of irritation and a great deal of pleasure. It might appear innocuous enough, but what you’re looking at is the motor that causes the vibration in a cellphone. Among other things.

It’s a pretty simple concept. While there are multiple variations on […]