Space Tomato

This tomato was cruising at about 4.8 miles per second approximately 230 miles above the surface of the earth. Then Astronaut Koichi Wakata of JAXA ate it. Even astronauts tweet pics of their food. Their backdrop is just more impressive than my dining room table.

[Image Credit: Koichi […]


Startup: Unpacking The Longest Journey

Usually the last thing you want to do after a long trip is pack. A trip to the ISS would be a long and exhausting one indeed, but at least you’ve got microgravity to help unload.


User Input

User Input: Stupid Gravity

Cmdr Hadfield and his water bottle

We usually try not to just recycle material that’s already made the rounds of the entire internet, but we have to make an exception in this case, because this is just way too cool to ignore. Commander Hadfield, way up there on the International Space Station, decided to try a simple experiment to see what happens if you wring out a wash cloth in space. Hit the jump for the video, if you haven’t already seen it.

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Startup: The Thin Glowing Line

Photographer and wannabe Astronaut Alex Rivest loved the way Earth’s atmosphere glowed when photographed from above at night – so much that he took hundreds of photographs from the ISS, cropped them, and strung them together in a stunning video. His blog post talks about what those different colors are that you see as you get further from the surface. Video after the jump.

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Put Your Toys Away Or They’ll Catch Fire

That is JAXA astronaut Satoshi Furukawa standing in the International Space Station with a Lego model of the International Space Station. Hipster mind asplode.
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Robonaut 2

Yeah, I look badass.

Robonaut, R2A

In case you haven’t heard by now, this is a big week in space! In addition to the Glory mission (scrubbed, rescheduled for 24FEB11, 2:09am local Pacific time Thursday morning) being launched from Vandenburg AFB, tomorrow’s Discovery launch will have a very special guest on board.

Meet R2A, a highly dexterous anthropomorphic robot scheduled to punch a one-way ticket on STS-133 and become a permanent resident on-board the ISS (International Space Station). Continue reading Robonaut 2


I Can See for Miles and Miles and Miles

The ability to look out the window from my cubicle seems to pale in comparison to Astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson’s view from the ISS Cupola.

[Image Credit: Astronaut Douglas H. Wheelock’s Twitpic (@astro_wheels on Twitter)]