Startup: Inspired By Nature

Above: Possibly a Black Falcon (Falco Subniger), possibly something else someone who knows more about birds could tell me.

Below: Possibly a B-2 Bomber (Northrop Grumman Spirit), definitely not a Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk.



Startup: Good Cheese

99% of the time, if you see something advertised on an infomercial, or in the style of one (magic jack, I’m looking at you), you can be damn sure that it’s just a piece of cheesy crap and not worth your money. This would appear to be one of those things, but amazingly is […]


Startup: Full Circle on the Set Top

In 1995, a software engineer who had worked with such illustrious companies such as Apple and Atari founded a company called Artemis Research. It was a cover name to hide their real product – the WebTV.

In a day when most PC’s were still over $1500, they produced a box that could sit on […]