Airborne Awesomosity

The Soviet Harrier


Harriers are a type of hawk that hunt by flying low to the ground and nabbing unsuspecting small animals. It is also a British-American V/STOL aircraft developed to attack ground targets and provide air support. In Russian, the harrier bird is called a lun. There’s a different type of Lun, though. This one is a monster which feeds on the souls of imperialist capitalist scum seeking to destroy Mother Russia.

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Go-Fast Technology

I’m Leaving On A Jet Train…

…don’t know when I’ll be back again. A Soviet ER22-based jet train, that is. One that achieved 180 mph. The SVL (which stands for High-speed Laboratory Railcar) was built around 1970. It added two Ivchenko AI-25 turbofans from a Yak-40 passenger jet in lieu of the electric drive. Details are skimpy surrounding this […]


Shutdown: Rocket Truck!

In Soviet Russia, Truck Rockets You!


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News Of The Weird

Permanent Development

President Obama has Cadillac One. Pope Benedict XVI has the Popemobile. Peru’s President Ollanta Moisés Humala Tasso rides around in a 1973 Chrysler New Yorker (according to Hooniverse). What is Putin to do? Order up his own custom ZiL!

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Computers You Should Know

Globus IMP

Every Soviet and Russian manned spaceflight from Yuri Gagarin through 2002 contained the “Globus” IMP you see above. IMP is an acronym derived from the Russian term for “indicator of position in flight”. It’s purpose was to convey the spacecraft’s position relative to the Earth. However, it also transmitted its data to other systems, notably the attitude control system.

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Military-Grade Awesome

May Day and the Best Soviet Invention Ever

Ah, May Day. Also known as International Workers Day. And what better way to celebrate the worker than to turn our eyes east, towards the land that once stood for the common man. A land that said everyone was equal (though some more equal than others). The Soviet Union.
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Moments in History, Spaceheads

Beeps From Space

Overheard 54 years ago 1 km from a launch pad somewhere deep within Kazakhstan:

“This is great day for Mother Russia! We have beat the capitalist pigs into space. We have proven that the soviet way, the way of the people, is superior to the dogs of the west!”

OK, I made that […]

Military-Grade Awesome

Unreal Awesome

The internet is a wonderful place. You can meet new people, get porn for free without stepping out of your mother’s basement, and learn about fantastic weapons from WW2 that were never built.
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Airborne Awesomosity

It Worked For Lindbergh: The Blind Sukhoi T-4

Hey, if Charles Lindbergh could cross the Atlantic in a primitive aircraft with no provision for forward vision, who’s to say you can’t cruise at Mach 3 without a windshield? Meet the Sukhoi T-4, simultaneously one of the most original, derivative, and bizarre Soviet X-planes.

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Giant F*ck-Off Aircraft

A Flying Soviet Fortress

This is the Kalinin K-7. It is big. How big? It was the largest propeller-driven plane prior to the jet age. Continue reading A Flying Soviet Fortress