Watch Discovery Fly Overhead, for the very last time – Tonight!

Around the world in HOW many days?

Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines

Yesterday on 7 March 2011, the Space Shuttle Discovery departed from the International Space Station to begin her last de-orbit from space, and is scheduled to land in Florida on Wednesday afternoon, March 9 at 11:57 a.m. EST. That’s 8:57am for you west coasters. Her next flight will be atop the special 747 Jumbo-Jet Shuttle Carrier while being delivered to a lucky and yet to be announced museum, where she will be enshrined to be admired for generations to come.

However, some of you in the northern states and Europe still have one last chance to see her in her natural environment, as she de-orbits overhead on the way home. It is quite easy to pick out even with the bare eyes, even in brightly lit cities. All you need to know is where and when to look. Continue reading Watch Discovery Fly Overhead, for the very last time – Tonight!

AT Book Club

Ender’s Game

Strategy, tactics, interstellar travel, mass destruction, a little bit of the ultra violence, and very mean people are just some of the concepts you’re bombarded with in Orson Scott Card’s Hugo and Nebula Award-winning Ender’s Game.

A piece of sci-fi so compelling that it’s on the US Marine Corps Professional Reading List,  Ender’s Game […]

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Behind the scenes: Are you Serious?!?!?

Yes it is.

This is not real

In “Star Trek IV, The Voyage Home” Chief Engineer “Scotty” trades the formula for fictional “transparent aluminum” in exchange for materials in order to make holding tanks for the magic humpback whales which will save future earth from an evil alien probe, which threatens to evaporate earth’s oceans. Or something like that.

This transparent aluminum material is supposedly used in various starship fittings, including exterior ship portals and windows. And Scotty giving the formula to the inventor creates one of them weird predestination paradoxes that make Trekkies all giddy and prone to using really big words.

This obscure reference came up earlier this week during behind-the-scenes banter here at Atomic Toasters, where we discuss ideas for articles, theme weeks and of course our awesome user submissions (keep them coming!).

The exchanges behind the curtains can be just as fascinating and humorous as it is in the comments section of this awesome website. The collaboration of many semi-great minds takes us in many exciting directions and there is always something new to learn. And at other times it is just plain funny.

This week has been no exception. In this case we’ve decided to share, and I’ll let the following email thread do the explaining. Hit the space-jump to see it in its entirety.

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Shutdown – The Box/Bag/Drawer

One of these is a snake.

Ok geeks, this is a post that only works if we all take part.

If you read this, I can almost guarantee that you have a box or a drawer or a bag or an entire closet that is filled with cables.  Not cables being used, not […]


Shutdown – Nerds

There is no caption to beat this picture.

Get me to do a Shutdown once, shame on me.  Get me to do a Shutdown twice, shame on Booger.

I’m quoting a famous president there, or something like that.

If you read this site, you are, in some form or fashion, a nerd.  I […]

What's in Your Bag?

What’s in Your Bag: CardboardTube’s Bag

I emptied my bag and still no flux capacitor. Stupid Marty McFly.

If you’re like most geeks/nerds/techies/artists then you have a bag (or three) filled with stuff that you either use all the time or just know will be useful in those random times. I have three bags on the go.  One for […]


Welcome to AtomicToasters!

Welcome… to the FUTURE.

If you’re like us, you probably love technology. You like anything with blinking lights, flashing buttons, whirring gears. If it does something cool, or accomplishes something you never thought possible, we can’t help but want it. But if you’re like us, you’re probably a bit tired of the latest tech news.

It seems as though the popular media has decided that the main things that we, as enthusiasts of gadgetry in general, are only interested in the latest and most popular items. Oh look, another app for the iPhone! Wow, a new 3D television! Ooh, some new internet phone service that promises to be even less expensive than the last “free” service!

Well enough of that nonsense.

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