Moments in History

How One Man Saved The World


1983 was a different time. The world was a bit simpler. Two major superpowers — the US and Soviet Union — were sitting on nuclear arsenals that could obliterate the planet. One misstep, and the US would launch ICBMs at the Soviet Union and vice versa. On September 26, we came awful close to such a misstep.

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Military-Grade Awesome

Time To Get Snarky

That’s an SM-62 Snark jet-powered ICBM launching from a truck. No, this is not made up. It really happened.
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Military-Grade Awesome, Spaceheads

Keeping the Peace

Years ago, when I was just a wannabe engineer, I got to work at Boeing Missiles and Space. My assignment? Work in Peacekeeper Missile systems engineering.
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