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Soviet Saturday


I have no idea how you would say GIMP in Russian, but back in the days of the glorious Soviet Republic, they were getting digital with photo retouching. Hit the jump to see a circa 1987 video of just such digital action!

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Shutdown: Wonders of the World Wide Web


What if Instagram was an 80’s product? Squirrel-Monkey has entertaining video, see it after the jump!

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Covet Thy Neighbours' Swag

Pork Chops and Applesauce

As they say on the Simpsons, ‘Some folk’ll never eat a skunk; But then again, some folk’ll…” Well, we aren’t exactly talking about skunks here, but about lifestyle brands. Some folk’ll never go all in, but then again, some folk’ll. For those folk who not only love Apple products, but who want to live and embrace the style, you should feel good knowing that Apple has been providing not just products, but fashionable accessories, for longer than just the life of the iPhone. Take a look back with me at some of the great fashions available not so very long ago!

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