User Input

User Input: Take This Job And…

I just recently decided to explore other employment options, which, as I discovered, requires me to leave the job I currently have. I resigned in the most polite way I could, because I did have an enormous amount of respect for my immediate supervisor. Senior management’s bad decisions are certainly not his fault, so I opted for the nice way.

In a way, however, I feel like I squandered an opportunity. People quit jobs all the time, but only a select few become legends while they do it.

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Startup: Back to the Dark Ages!

Phil Hooch, the man responsible for keeping the internet boilers running.

Yesterday morning I awoke to discover that someone had parked a car-tire on my internets tube. That, or it was clogged. Either way, it wasn’t working, and I couldn’t log in to AtomicToasters or Hooniverse. It completely threw off my morning routine.