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Black Sea Beast

On Tuesday engineerd presented us with the incredible LCAC hovercraft. And while it is a mind-blowing piece of hardware, it’s not the mind-blowingest hovercraft in the world. Yes, leave it to the Russians to always build something bigger.

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Behind the scenes: Are you Serious?!?!?

Yes it is.

This is not real

In “Star Trek IV, The Voyage Home” Chief Engineer “Scotty” trades the formula for fictional “transparent aluminum” in exchange for materials in order to make holding tanks for the magic humpback whales which will save future earth from an evil alien probe, which threatens to evaporate earth’s oceans. Or something like that.

This transparent aluminum material is supposedly used in various starship fittings, including exterior ship portals and windows. And Scotty giving the formula to the inventor creates one of them weird predestination paradoxes that make Trekkies all giddy and prone to using really big words.

This obscure reference came up earlier this week during behind-the-scenes banter here at Atomic Toasters, where we discuss ideas for articles, theme weeks and of course our awesome user submissions (keep them coming!).

The exchanges behind the curtains can be just as fascinating and humorous as it is in the comments section of this awesome website. The collaboration of many semi-great minds takes us in many exciting directions and there is always something new to learn. And at other times it is just plain funny.

This week has been no exception. In this case we’ve decided to share, and I’ll let the following email thread do the explaining. Hit the space-jump to see it in its entirety.

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User Input

User Input: The Test of Time Christmas Edition

A while back, User Input ran a week long series on old geeky movies and whether they were still watchable today. Given the season (even if you’re not religious, or of a religion that celebrates something else like Festivus or Wintere’enmas), let’s take another look at another classic. Every year at this time, people […]

User Input

User Input: Advanced Sled Technology

Don't try this at home kids. I am a trained professional.

Few activities manage to be simultaneously treacherous and wholesome as much as sledding. You want to ride a bike? Wear a helmet. Play hockey? Get pads. Go for a walk? Wear reflectors. But fire yourself down an icy hill on a flimsy roll of plastic? Knock yourself out (and, at times, you will literally do just that.) Also, if you’re under 30, go look up the word literally – that last sentence uses it correctly. Continue reading User Input: Advanced Sled Technology

User Input

User Input: Latin Words

Well, I bet you’re all glad that’s over with – that month. That evil month of faux-holidays and overzealous decorators. I am of course referring to November. It’s an interesting name – a compound word actually. Beginning with “No” – meaning a concept or offering that is undesirable or is rejected – and ending with “vember” which comes from the Latin word for “Christmas shit.” No Christmas Shit before December. That is what that months means.

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