Boys’ Life: Crossover How-To

The year is 1960, and on the way to school your big brother’s car conks out, to coin a phase, and there is stands with a big question mark over his head. What do you do? Why, pipe up from the backseat with unsolicited, yet right on the money advice! This little comic-book style how-to is straight out of Boys’ Life magazine, and can help little brothers and big brothers alike to save the day. I have been holding on to this one, but since last week ended with a bit of an automotive twist here at Atomic Toasters I though it would be fitting to break out. Take a look, and see how much could still be useful!

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Startup: Flying Fortress 101 Edition

It is a safe, comfortable feeling to know that in a pinch, I could hop into pretty much any modern passenger car, truck, or motorcycle and drive it right off the bat. Handy in all sorts of situations – zombie attack, lemur uprising, moonlighting as a valet, casual car theft, or murderous in-laws. […]

Holiday Shenanigans

Atomic Powering Your Christmas Lights

Wow, shiney!

Lights and decorations are a mainstay of Christmas (or use Holiday Season if you want to empower the terrorists ).  Hanukkah even revolves around lights burning.  Must be something to do with the fact that I haven’t seen the sun in a month.  Let me help you, with a little help from the internets, Atomic Power your Christmas lights.

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