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F-4J Phantom II on Super 8mm

I have this vague recollection rattling around in my head from when I was but a wee lad. Our family was over at someone’s house for a backyard barbecue type lunch get together that happened to be on the same day as an airshow. These folks lived near enough to whatever airfield that the show was out of that parts of the show could be seen from the back yard, and while the details of where/when all this happened are fairly fuzzy, and I am sure I was quite young, I distinctly remember being able to see the Blue Angels. Perhaps this was one of the events that instilled a love for aviation from early on, as our vantage point was situated such that when the Blues would depart from the center of the show, and turn and regroup, it was right over our heads.

This great old home video is from a show in 1970 at Suffolk County AFB, Long Island, New York–now named Francis S. Gabreski Airport, located near Westhampton, NY. While I am not aged enough to have ever seen the Blue Angels flying the F-4s (1969-1974), the video made me remember again watching that show back years ago. It is a little grainy, and there is no sound, but fire up the way-back machine and take a look!

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