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May 28, 1906 – San Francisco in Ruins

San Francisco in Ruins (Clicken to enbiggenate)


This amazingly detailed, panoramic high resolution photograph shows just how completely devastated 4 days and 4 nights of fires left San Francisco after the Great 1906 Earthquake.

6 weeks later smoke still hangs in the air as people begin the long, mammoth task of cleaning up.

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Fun With Math

Population estimates from Jean-Noël Biraben’s 1979 essay “Essai sur l’évolution du nombre des hommes” (An Essay Concerning Mankind’s Evolution).


Moments in History

What happens in Vegas, can sink a navy


20 years ago today several thousand Naval Aviators woke up with hangovers and said “Holy crap, thank god Facebook hasn’t been invented yet.”

The week of 8-12 September was the 35th annual symposium of the “Tailhook” association, which refers to a retractable hook underneath the tail of Naval aircraft, allowing them to catch an arresting wire on the flightdeck and stop quickly. Tailhook was formed in 1956 by active duty naval aviators as a non-profit fraternal organization supporting “the interests of sea-based aviation, with emphasis on aircraft carriers.”

At the time little known outside the “bird-farms” of the US Navy, I myself only heard mention of it in passing while hanging out in CATCC (Carrier air Traffic Control Center) on the USS Midway while stationed in Yokosuka Japan that fateful summer of 1991.

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Startup: Igniting a Spark

The Storming of the Bastille

Today is, as I’m sure you’re all well aware, Bastille Day in France. According to our site statistics, we do actually have a number of regular visitors from France, most of whom likely stumbled in accidentally, due to the well-known French affection for all things atomic. Nevertheless, in their honour, we wish them a happy Bastille Day, and marvel that the rise of the French Republic can be attributed to a simple process known as “corning”.

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Weekend outings – Favorite Parks


Now that summer is around the corner and (many) schools are slowly letting out for that annual right of passage (formerly) known as summer vacation, as the weekends approach our thoughts naturally turn towards road trips and favorite destinations, be it the camping trip you are planning or memories of years gone by.

Monitors get turned off, vehicles get loaded up, high-tech tents, do-dads and sleeping bags get packed, and the masses hit the road for some fresh air, campfire-smoke and a healthy dose of bug-bites.

This is a primal calling; an attempt to try and get away from it all…

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