Moments in History

Hindenberg Colorized

This famous photo of the Hindenberg disaster was originally taken in black and white (hit the break for the original). However, thanks to Dana Keller and the Colorized History sub-reddit, we can now see it in color. The black and white image is impressive, but it fails to capture the magnitude of destruction. […]

Airborne Awesomosity

High Lonesome

Art is certainly a subjective medium–I have seen recent online debate as to whether LOLcats qualifies as art–but I think it is safe to say that vintage aircraft art finds itself a reasonably warm welcome around these parts. I came across these images recently, created by Matthew Porter for an piece entitled ‘High Lonesome‘. The artist’s impressions are included after the jump, but I think everyone will probably have their own take on it. For myself, I find airships, and the Hindenburg in particular, carry with them a sort of romanticism for a lost age, and that the juxtaposition of that with the rugged emptiness of the West imparts a sadness to these images, knowing what was to come.

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User Input

User Input: Temporal Fantasies

The USS Macon, under construction, on May 20, 1932.

Our good friend tenbeers sent in a link to this amazing photography, showing the construction of the USS Macon, an American airship designed to compete against the German Graf Zeppelin and Hindenburg. Unlike the larger German craft, the American airships used helium to keep […]