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Hercules Goes For a Swim

C130 Seaplane 4

A good while back, 38 weeks ago, according to Intense Debate, I did a post on a particular variant of the C-130 that was developed for a mission to try and pull the Iranian hostages out by landing the plane inside the national soccer stadium in an operation called Credible Sport. If you’ll permit me to go off on a bit of a tangent, I’ll tell you how that story is related to what you see here today. Perhaps some of you have noticed the Featured Posts ticker that has recently come to adorn the top portion of the right side bar. This is a way for us to pick out some articles that we thought were cool, and that you might enjoy if you happen to have missed them the first time around (and, if you happen to have a favorite from the way back files that you don’t see over there, mention it in an email to the tips line, and I bet we can get it on the list!). Like any narcissistic self-evaluating writer would do, all of your contributors have taken a gander through their old stuff to pull out the good ones. I have been slow in getting around to this (and I probably made up for it by picking too many out), but yesterday I finally got around to it. In the process, I also went back and read some comments to see what I might have missed. On the post about Credible Sport (which was a subset of a program named Honey Badger, by the way), Plecostomus* happened to answer in the form of a question:

“I think it’s bloody BRILLIANT.

Except I like giant seaplanes.

Is there a flying-boat variant of the C-130, I wonder?”

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Just Shoot It: Nike Missiles in San Francisco

Nike Missile Sunset

In the Marin Headlands just north of San Francisco is a Nike Hercules missile site. The Nike Hercules missile was an anti-aircraft missile developed by the US Army. It could be equipped with conventional or nuclear warheads. Continue reading Just Shoot It: Nike Missiles in San Francisco