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Fair Lane: A House And A Personal Power Plant


If you read cruisintime‘s comment yesterday, you’ll know what this is. If not, let me explain. That’s a power plant. It is on Henry Ford’s Fair Lane estate in Dearborn, MI. When you’re an industrial giant and Thomas Edison is your BFF, you can build your own power plant just for you (and a little bit for the surrounding town).

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User Input

User Input: Made of Bubble Gum and Popsicle Sticks

The Flowbee. World record holder for highest jokes-told-to-units-sold ratio.

Today is the day when Americans celebrate gaining independence from the British. The week following, everyone will go crazy for a royal visit from the Duke of Cambridge (Prince William, if you don’t feel like looking that up). Enjoy the irony. The […]

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Vertical Integration: The Ford Rouge Complex

Any good captain of industry will tell you that the best way to contain costs and quality is vertical integration — producing everything from the raw materials yourself. No nagging suppliers wanting more money because you changed the requirements on them at the last second. No worry about getting dinged on costs when you can’t sell enough widgets to get the price break you had negotiated. In fact, if you build your own power plant then you don’t even have to worry about electricity costs! That was the idea behind Ford’s massive Rouge River Complex in Dearborn, MI.
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