Airborne Awesomosity

Finally, A Flying Bicycle.


Here at Atomic Toasters, we follow a rigorous schedule to make sure that all news that reaches you is old news.

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Airborne Awesomosity

Helicopter Porn


The H-13 likes to fly nekkid. The video may also feature some S&M since helicopters don’t fly. They beat the air into submission. See! It’s a little bit of everything for everyone!

Hit the jump for the video sent in by reader Batshitbox from a 1953 Encyclopaedia Britannica Films. It’s chock full of old helicopter goodness.

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Airborne Awesomosity

He’s Not Huskie, He’s Just Big Propellered

Why Yes This Did Go Into Production. Why Do You Ask?

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During the fifties nothing seemed out of bounds for technology.  Here is one of the better examples of thinking outside the box.


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Free Range Technology

Like the Sands of Time Through an Hourglass

A jet turbine is a carefully engineered piece of rotating machinery, with close tolerances being essential to safe and efficient operation. Many military and civilian applications of turbine engines, however, require operations in sub-optimal conditions. Sand, dust, and even salt water can impinge on the rapidily rotating blades inside the engine and quickly cause severe erosion.

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Tech Theory

Swash Bucklers

1. Non-rotating outer ring (blue) 2. Turning inner ring (silver) 3. Ball joint 4. Control (pitch) preventing turning of outer ring 5. Control (roll) 6. Linkages (silver) to the rotor blade #. Linkages (black) that make the inner ring turn

There is a saying in the aviation community that helicopters are a thousand moving parts going in generally the same direction. There is some truth to this. How does the helicopter change direction? Black magic? Pure, unadulterated evil? A mechanical linkage that changes the pitch and path of the blades, creating a higher lift region opposed by a lower lift region allowing the aircraft to move towards the lower lift region? Most likely, it’s a combination of all three.
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Airborne Awesomosity

Beating The Air Into Submission

After building the evil autogyros under license, Professor Henrich Focke decided that even more evil could be unleashed on mankind. What if we powered the rotor! We could create a flying machine so dastardly, it would take six years before a human would be able to harness the evil into a producible and, therefore, not-as-likely-to-kill-you machine.
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Startup: Fire In The Sky

Not ready to ride off into the sunset just yet.

In the news recently it was announced that NATO was upping the stakes in its air campaign in the civil war in Libya, utilising attack helicopters for the first time. While we’re not going to wade into the intricacies of that particular conflict, […]


Startup: Dangerous Levels of Awesome

So cool, every other celebrity should be ashamed.

I don’t care who you are, you will never be as cool as Frank Sinatra. Here he is, climbing out of his private helicopter, with a glass of Scotch in his hand. Sinatra was so goddamn cool, he made his awesome look almost accidental. “Oh, […]