The New Question

Too much is made of Star Wars vs. Star Trek. That question, however, has been around for decades. Almost as long as The Professor has been professering. I think it’s time for a new question. One that moves us into the 21st century of sci-fi/fantasy. “Star Wars or Harry Potter? Wand or light […]


Startup: They Should Have Known


Have you ever watched a horror movie and wanted to shout “turn around!” at the screen? I felt like that with Harry Potter. All the signs were there. They let it happen. It’s their own fault.



Fantasy is Dead

Yesterday I went and saw the latest, and final, movie in the Harry Potter saga — Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. I’ve been looking forward to it, even though I knew it was a bittersweet affair. The finale, according to my wife (who actually read the books), was going to […]