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The Official 2012 AtomicToasters – Hooniverse New Year’s Eve Party

The first New Year’s Eve ball, from way back in 1907, constructed by Jacob Starr.

Alright kids, it’s that time of year again. We’ve invited all those uncouth hooligans from Hooniverse over to join in the revelry, so it’s time to let our hair down. This is the Official AtomicToasters – Hooniverse New […]

Holiday Shenanigans

The Official Atomic Toasters Party Vacation Extravaganza

It’s that time of year again when the staff ’round these parts tend to get a little bit even more drunk than usual. Content will be light to non-existant until the new year as we put up with visit our families, yell at inanimate objects, eat things that will make us fat(ter), and […]

User Input

User Input: Productive Holidays

The Chicken Cannon.

Yes, yes, yes, happy Thanksgiving-a-month-late to our American friends. Now then, moving on, we have more important matters to discuss.

This is the Turkey Day holiday, meaning there will be an amazing number of over-cooked, under-cooked or just badly prepared turkeys all over the land. Some of these will likely […]

Holiday Shenanigans

The Official AtomicToasters – Hooniverse New Year’s Eve Party

Last year we celebrated by getting Techie drunk on 151, launching him into the air, and shooting him with flaming arrows. This year, we'll try fireworks.

Okay, maybe “party” is a bit of a strong word, but bear with us here. The Illuminati of AtomicToasters and Hooniverse have now spent far too many […]


Happy Holidays from AtomicToasters!

I'll take Scarlett Johansson, while you're taking orders…

As you may have noticed, content will be a bit light for the next few days. We here at AtomicToasters are going about our merry way of celebrating the holidays, so I’ve given the staff a few days to let the wounds from my lash […]