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User Input: Getting To Know You

"Concerto for Doorstop and Vuvuzela" was not a resounding success.

So, hey, how ya doin? You guys doing okay? How’s the day going, everyone having a good time? Yeah? Right on.

Man, we suck at small-talk.

So we’ve noticed that a large sampling of our audience tends to be quite a multi-talented lot. […]

Free Range Technology

Happy Birthday Les Paul

Slash, Les Paul, Jimi Hendrix, Dave Matthews and The Edge are my guitar gods.  Les Paul is probably the strangest of my gods.  He was a pioneer of guitarist, recording and all things musical.  The interesting part is that I don’t know if I’ve ever heard him play.

However, he has influenced my playing […]

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User Input: Buy Time

Today is my birthday. No, don’t go there… it’s a useless birthday year. There’s no reason to celebrate anything. I’m getting older, balder and more single as the day goes on, so shut-it. The fun part is that my family just gives up on buying me a present and just gives me money […]

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User Input: My Safety Blanket

My Grownup Safety Blanket – now with splinters

Last week I did something strange; I played guitar, at a gig, with only the favourites of my equipment.  There were none of my pawn shop guitars, none of my barely working amps and none of my second-hand pedals.  I even took my two best […]


Startup: Glorious Absence of Progress

I'm not sure that really qualifies as "progress"…

There are only a very few pieces of technology that can truly celebrate the absence of progress over the last, say, seventy-five years. The guitar amp is one of them.

Now that is not to say there has been no progress at all. There has, […]


Shutdown: Guitar Ideas

…and then you put your fourteenth finger here…

We geeks come in such a wide variety that even musicians (who are supposed to be cool) can easily geek out.  I spent the weekend with some professional musicians and we all became music geeks once the mics were turned off.  We talked about equipment. […]

Free Range Technology

Stuff from my… Music Room

Pedal Power!

The heart of this website is that old tech is awesome.  The problem is, we really don’t use old technology that much.  Anybody out there want to trade their new MacBook for a Commodore 64?  I didn’t think so (comments from liars who would trade, start at the bottom of the page).

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