Startup: Stumped!

It's gorgeous, whatever it is.

This photo was posted by the incomparable Jonny Lang yesterday, with the simple question: Name That Amp.

As CardboardTube is our resident expert on all things musical — at least where it pertains to guitars — I sent the photo to him for identification, thinking that he’d be […]


Startup: Glorious Absence of Progress

I'm not sure that really qualifies as "progress"…

There are only a very few pieces of technology that can truly celebrate the absence of progress over the last, say, seventy-five years. The guitar amp is one of them.

Now that is not to say there has been no progress at all. There has, […]


Troubleshooting Vacuum Based Electronics

Duck, duck, goose

Ions; we has them

Once the backbone of yesterday’s “modern” electronics and still widely used in guitar amplifiers today, vacuum tubes are one of the longest lived electronic device families in history.

Troubleshooting these ancient artifacts however has become something of a lost black art.

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