Moments in History

You’re Sitting Too Close!

Miss Mildred Birt would soon be telling her children not to sit too close to the TV or they’ll go blind. Of course, merely 4 years after John Logie Baird demonstrated the first moving television picture, she probably didn’t realize the danger to which she was being subjected. She learned, though, and the […]


Startup: Not As Obvious As You Would Think

You would think that as soon as dry cell batteries became commercially available in 1896 and with electric lanterns already being sold, a handheld flashlight would practically invent itself. But no, instead, Conrad Hubert (né Akiba Horowitz) first invented the electric flower pot. It contained a small low voltage light and a […]

User Input

User Input: Eureka!

Up, up and away!

The British comedian Eddie Izzard said once that he considered himself to be an intellectual of a similar calibre to Leonardo DaVinci. DaVinci, you see, invented a helicopter hundreds and hundreds of years ago… which did not work at all. Similarly, when Izzard was a young boy, he also […]