Holiday Shenanigans

Anatomy of a Turducken

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Startup: How to Crack an Egg

We here at Atomic Toasters recently had a behind the scenes discussion on the merits of using food as a viable tech topic. There were plenty of pros and cons, and it was agreed that we all love food, but in the end nothing was really agreed upon other than the obvious fact that we are easily distracted by it, as evidenced by the recurring use of the word poutine.

Or perhaps we did agree on something, but I was obviously too distracted by the poutine (delicious BTW) and promptly forgot what we were talking about. In any case, our fearless leader Dearth-vad-air has left us mice the keys to Atomic Toasters for the weekend and made us promise not to run amok.

Italian-in sausage!

So just in time for a big fat weekend breakfast, let’s run amok!

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Moments in History

National Donut Day!!

Ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow marks the 73rd passing of that annual American holiday known as National Donut Day!


A tradition since 1938, National Donut Day occurs on the 1st Friday of every June and was conceived as a way to help feed the needy of the Great Depression, and commemorates the efforts of Salvation Army volunteers who handed out fresh donuts and coffee to troops during WWI, and later WWII.

Known as “Lassies”, these wonderful ladies worked in “huts” (often derelict buildings) and provided writing supplies, stamps, baked goods and a clothes-mending service among other perks to the U.S. enlisted men along the front lines. The introduction of that exotic fried cake known as the donut was an idea that was born out of necessity, and changed the shape of a nation (literally) forever. Continue reading National Donut Day!!