User Input

User Input: Creative Vandalism

Yesterday, sometime in the very early morning, someone went around to all the signs welcoming visitors to the City of Edmonton, and… modified the signs. Where they had formerly read “City of Champions”, the signs were replaced with various different messages: “City of Speed Traps”, “Road Construction City”, “City of Potholes”, among others. But […]


Startup: Transcendent Ebonics

We often blame text messaging, Twitter, and YouTube comments for proliferating human stupidity, and generally lowering the global intelligence quotient. Remember, these technologies only made stupidity more accessible. We wouldn’t have Twitter if people weren’t stupid to start with. So next time you see a stupid person (shouldn’t be too hard), thank them for […]

User Input

User Input: Profiteering for Fun and, um, Profit

I didn’t realize until OA5599 pointed out in yesterday’s comments that the Apollo astronauts were such fans of the Corvette. Or at least, Chevrolet invested in making sure it looked like that. And why not? What’s the point of being famous if you don’t leverage the fruits of sponsorship deals? Granted, it may have […]