Startup: Objects May Be Larger Than They Appear

I’ve seen many a wind turbine, but always from the road. I’m well aware they’re big, but until you get to see proper scale it’s hard to appreciate just how big.


Idiotic or Inspired?

Beautiful Failure

So it seems this has turned into Engine Week here on the Tosters of which we are Atomic. I love following the crowd and hate feeling left out. So, I bring you the Subaru-Coloni C3. Never heard of it? Well, hit the jump!

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Pushing Boundaries

Northern 4-8-4

That ominous presence is the Canadian National Railway’s 6213 steam locomotive. In use with the railway from 1942 to 1959, it covered over a million miles pulling passengers and freight across the continent. It represents the pinnacle of steam locomotive design — the Northern type locomotive.

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Bizarre Powerplants

There’s No Replacement For Displacement

So let’s say you just built a supertanker, or maybe a giant cruise ship. You need to power it somehow. You start doing the calculations on how much power you need and you think to yourself, “Crap. I would need 15367 LS1 engines to make the torque I need to move this through the water. What am I to do?!”

Well, you start off by ripping everything off the hull so you can drop one of these bad boys in. Behold, the Wärtsilä-Sulzer RTA96-C.
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