User Input

User Input: Generational Advancement

“I totally just hacked the Gibson!”

I received an email from TechieInHell an anonymous AtomicToasters fan, suggesting a User Input idea, and it’s one that got me thinking quite a bit.

We knew more about computers than the last generation because we had to. You needed to learn how a computer works in […]

User Input

User Input: Senior Moments

In yesterday’s User Input, our own commenter GlassOnion9 was quick to point out that I was recycling a User Input idea I had used once before. If we’re honest the joke’s on him; as I’m sure the rest of you have noticed long ago, there really are only five User Inputs, and I just cycle through them each week.

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Elbow Room


“This island is called Ellidaey and it’s in a group of islands called Vestmmannaeyjar or Westmanislands., near Iceland You can actually see the house on Google Earth It’s at 63°26’55.65″N 20°11’36.09″W Or you can search for Vestmannaeyjar Iceland on GEarth, zoom in on the main Island […]

User Input

User Input: On The Flip Side

Why mess with perfection?

On Friday we talked about tidbits of technology that the entire world tells you are wonderful and marvellous, but you just think are generally crap. Let’s flip that whole picture around a little bit.

Let’s face it, we’re here because we’re a little different than most. We tend to […]

User Input

User Input: Parental Technology

My parents have actually made remarkable progress in the last few years with regards to technology. It’s surprised me quite a bit when I’ve had a few conversations with my mother especially, hearing her talking about installing software, syncing wirelessly, video-chatting.

It’s kind of frightening, in a way. There was a time, years […]

User Input

User Input: Higher Standards

"Now serving…"

I’ve found myself complaining a lot lately about the shoddy quality of various products I’ve purchased — or been given, in the case of my work laptop. In every instance, I’ve found myself receiving those blank, incredulous stares from people who seem unable to believe that I might possibly want to […]


Startup: Toasters on Toasters

Industrial dryers don't have electrical cords that beefy nowadays!

We started this site under the name “AtomicToasters” for quite a few reasons. Of course, the obvious reason is that “toasters” has become something of a slang term for a piece of technology. But there is more to it than that. We have a […]


Startup: We’re All Connected Edition

Image courtesy of Chloé Flickr's Flickr feed. What are the odds she'd have the same last name? Wow.

My mother used to work as a telephone operator, back when she was saving to go to university. She said that most of her time on shift was just spent listening in on random conversations […]