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User Input: Retroactive Repairs

Jar-Jar had it coming.

Let’s face it, if we’re honest, there were a lot of things wrong with the three recent Star Wars prequels. When His Holiness George “The Bastardizer” Lucas The Great And Nutty decided to reboot the franchise, it almost seems like he didn’t think some things through. Turning Anakin Skywalker, […]

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Track and watch the USS Iowa on her final voyage!

The Iowa dwarfs the shipyard cranes that inspired the Starwars AT-AT transports on a last night of rest before her final journey

(UPDATE: The tow has been delayed on a day-by-day basis due to a storms system off the California coast that would make the tow dangerous)

This afternoon (20MAY2012) at 12Pm PST (DELAYED), the last Battleship USS Iowa BB-61 is scheduled to depart her temporary berth in the Richmond California shipyard and begin making her way south enroute to her new home at the Port of Los Angeles to become a floating museum.

This marks what may well become her last voyage at sea for the old warrior, and possibly the last “at-sea” for a battleship of any kind.

AND, thanks to the power of the intertubes and the kind people at you can track the Iowa in real time on her voyage! Continue reading Track and watch the USS Iowa on her final voyage!

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User Input: Conspiracy!

"T'Pol and Archer? Impossible!"

I was struggling last night to do some simple account maintenance on Facebook. I even — horror of horrors — resorted to asking the “Help” files for assistance, which is, as we know, usually about as productive as bashing your head against the keyboard. Sure enough, it proved to […]


Startup: Shatner Roasts Lucas

At the American Film Institue’s presentation of a lifetime achievement award to His Holiness George Wentworth Tyson Frogbladder Lucas the Great and Nutty, William Shatner opened the show. Described by YouTubers as “the best worst singer on the planet”, he roasts Lucas with a recitative lampoon of Ol’ Blue Eyes’ “My Way”. Apparently it was so embarrassing that AFI doesn’t include it on their web site, but someone made sure it was up on YouTube and credited AFI anyway. Video after the jump.

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User Input: Symphonic Significance

I've never been to a symphony that looked quite like that…

One of the hallmarks of good science fiction is a really good soundtrack. George Lucas, for all of his innumerable failings, understood this better than most. The John Williams scores that have underpinned his various creations have turned B-movie […]